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Through this initiative, Solán de Cabras will “dress” in pink more than 20 tournaments all over Spain to demonstrate its commitment to people fighting cancer.

For each natural par-3 that players score in the more than 20 tournaments all over Spain selected by the brand, Solán de Cabras will donate €5 to the Spanish Cancer Association.

The ‘Hoyo Solidario” is one of the actions that the premium water brand has been carrying out for the past two years with the AECC using golf as a vehicle.

The initiative is part of the #SoGolf hashtag that Solán de Cabras uses to give visibility to its collaboration with this sport.

More than 20 tournaments over the year will dress up in pink for a good cause. Solán de Cabras, which has been collaborating with the AECC for two years through its ‘”Gotas de Solidaridad” [Drops of Solidarity] campaign, expands its initiatives to golf through its “Hoyo Solidario” action. This consists of setting a Par-3 for each course, and for each natural one the participants score, the premium water brand will donate €5 to this organisation.

The first competition to host the “Hoyo Solidario” was the Pro-Am of the Challenge Trophy on 27 April, which will be joined by another nineteen in different parts of Spain over the year.

For Jesús Núñez, Managing Director of the Water and Soft Drinks business unit at Mahou San Miguel and top representative of Solán de Cabras, this action represents “our commitment to healthy living and to the Spanish Cancer Association. Our goal is to continue contributing to this cause in order to support people who are fighting every day to overcome the disease”.

Solán de Cabras and the AECC

Since 2014, Solán de Cabras and the AECC have been collaborating directly through “Gotas de Solidaridad” [Drops of Solidarity], an initiative that demonstrates the brand’s commitment to people striving to overcome the disease and to their family members. Through this project, Solán de Cabras created an iconic pink-coloured bottle in order to help women and families affected by breast cancer.

To do so, the brand transformed its contribution to AECC into psychological support for both patients and their family members through the toll-free telephone line run by the association. In this way, the “‘Special Reserve’ of mineral waters lends its support to a tremendously important cause by helping people to face and overcome the disease. To date, the Solán de Cabras donation has taken the form of more than 30,000 minutes of professional psychological support, to which another 24,000 will be added for this year’s edition. And, according to preliminary estimates, those 54,000 minutes will make it possible to take over 8,000 calls.


This hashtag promoted by Solán de Cabras is where all the actions surrounding this sport converge. Through it, the members of the Pro Spain Team of golfers talk about their motivations, their daily life and their impressions over the course of the season, and spread the word about all the initiatives, like “Hoyo Solidario”, aimed at giving this sport another dimension.

AECC, 63 years of experience in the fight against cancer

The AECC, a private NPO (non-profit organisation) declared to be in the public interest, has been working on the fight against cancer for 63 years. The AECC is made up of patients, family members, volunteers and professionals who work together on prevention, awareness, accompanying those affected and raising funds for oncological research projects aimed at improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. The AECC maintains quality oncological research as one of its priority goals and is, today, the social and private institution that provides the most funds for cancer research, with €32 million dedicated.

The AECC, through its scientific foundation, channels society’s demand for cancer research by financing scientific and social research programmes through public tenders. These programmes are aimed at achieving scientific advances to improve the outlook for patients and their families, and to consolidate a scientific structure in Spain, while sharing the progress being made with all of society. The AECC’s scientific foundation is certified with the AENOR quality seal.

Structured in 52 provincial boards and with over 2,000 offices throughout Spain, the AECC carries out its work through its more than 18,000 volunteers and 670 employees under a philosophy of collaboration with health care authorities, scientific institutions and other entities that pursue goals parallel to those of the association. Always under the principles of independence, professionalism, transparency and proximity. The AECC is an NGO accredited by the Fundación Lealtad.

In 2014, the AECC provided assistance to more than 440,000 people affected by this disease.

Internationalisation is one of the main strategic lines for developing its business. Mahou San Miguel produces more than 70% of the Spanish beer consumed in the world and is present in over 60 countries.

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