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Benefits of Hydration

Hydration fulfils a variety of functions in the body.

  1. It helps facilitate the transport of nutrients to cells

  2. It is a medium where metabolic reactions take place in cells

  3. It assists in absorption, digestion and waste elimination processes

  4. It provides lubrication to structures and tissues

  5. It assists in the regulation of body temperature

  6. It contributes to reducing dehydration episodes and the risk of alterations in cognitive function

  7. It helps prevent chronic diseases caused by minor dehydration episodes

Important moments

Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hydration needs increase due to the physiological changes that take place.

Good hydration helps prevent common pregnancy complications: urinary infections, kidney stone formation, dehydration caused by vomiting...

Además, el agua, ayuda a contribuir en la composición de la leche materna y en la calidad y cantidad de la leche (el 90% es agua).

Beneficios de beber agua en el embarazo Importancia de la hidratación en la lactancia

From birth to age 18.

Drinking water and milk as essential beverages is recommended in childhood and adolescence. Its main benefits are: it is calorie-free, it contributes to preventing weight-gain and obesity, and it favors proper kidney function.

Children are more susceptible to and more severely affected by dehydration than adults, because children are less able to express the sensation of thirst. In this stage of life, special care with hydration is required.

A child's body retains more fluid, and because of all this, children are more susceptible to and more severely affected by dehydration than adults.

Beneficios de beber agua en la infancia Importancia de la hidratación en la adolescencia

Hydration in the elderly.

The total amount of water in the body decreases as people age. And so the hydration needs of elderly persons are greater.

Beneficios de beber agua para las personas mayores Importancia de la hidratación para la tercera edad

Hydration in food.

It is very important to stay hydrated and to include water in our daily diet; we should remember that water intake in the body from drinking is not always sufficient, so we also have to ensure this through food to stay well hydrated.

Beneficios de beber agua en la dieta Importancia de la hidratación en la alimentación

Increased physical activity.

Sweat is made up of water and a variety of electrolytes that must be replaced after exercise. If this process is insufficient, the result is a deficit of body water.

In these situations, drinking water fulfils a key function in fluid replacement.

Beneficios de beber agua en la actividad física Importancia de la hidratación en el deporte

Hydration and the kidneys.

The function of the kidneys is to eliminate toxins and waste products through urine, and to maintain the electrolyte balance between ingested and excreted water. Likewise, urine requires a particular osmolarity (particles that exert osmotic pressure, such as electrolytes, glucose and urea) in proportion to the amount ingested and for which there are also established minimum and maximum concentration limits (50-140 mosm/L).

Beneficios de beber agua para el riñón Importancia de la hidratación para la función renal

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