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Behind this project, which emanates tranquility, is none other than one of the renowned models of the 90s, Veronica Blume.  “The Garage” centers on Yoga, one of the most well known physical and mental disciplines.
And Veronica is no novice in this world…she’s been practicing yoga for over 12 years, an activity which originated in India and which, she confesses, has helped her find the way toward well-being.
That being said, if we take a look at “The Garage” calendar of activities, we not only find Yoga…
This center promises to be the meeting point for specialized professionals who wish to share their experiences, in addition to offering Pilates classes and workshops focused on health and well-being.
“When you are part of a world such as the fashion industry, where appearances are everything, you realize that what truly matters is that which prevails in time. What always makes you feel better about yourself. Inside and out.
My path to reaching that well-being is yoga, but there are many others.

And they all have a place in The Garage”, comments Veronica Blume.
You can find more information about the activities in

Text by Virginia Cámus

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