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Catching a cold during pregnancy

When pregnant, the mother’s immune system works at a slower speed than normal so that the body does not reject the baby. The “drawback” of this is that the body is more vulnerable in terms of fighting off colds.

Much of the medication used to alleviate cold symptoms cannot be taken during pregnancy, but there are home remedies which can help in these situations.


Sleeping will not necessarily shorten your cold, but it will help you feel better and will alleviate the fatigue you feel when sick.

Staying active

If you do not have fever or a cough, and you feel up to it, exercising can help you to feel better.

Continue eating as usual

It is normal to lose your appetite when you have a cold, but eating healthily can help eliminate some of the symptoms.

Drink a lot of water

Water provides the necessary hydration to endure the symptoms. A proper level of hydration helps the natural process of mucous secretion and thus, helps eliminate the cold virus more rapidly.


As you know, many medicines are not to be taken during pregnancy, so we’d like to share a few home remedies for dealing with the virus:

Eat raw garlic

Garlic is known for having virus-fighting compounds , which is why having a bite or two, adding it to your soup or sautéing it, is great for fighting a cold.

Use a humidifier

It helps maintain a humid environment which can help ease congestion.


Taking a couple of teaspoons (or mixing it with milk or hot water and lemon) can help suppress the type of dry coughing that frequently accompanies a cold.

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