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yoga during pregnancy

During gestation, one of the most recommended ways to remain active and prepare for birth is to practice yoga.

This form of exercise has countless benefits for pregnant women, not only does it keep them active during pregnancy but it also helps them to care for their bodies and minds and prepares them for a relaxing birth.

Some of the advantages of practicing yoga during pregnancy are that it:

  • Boosts the body’s flexibility.
  • Keeps the muscles toned.
  • Increases the possibility of a natural birth and a speedy recovery.
  • Relaxes the mind.
  • Teaches you to control your breathing.
  • Avoids anxiety.
  • Straightens posture.
  • Strengthens the spine.
  • Helps with digestion.
  • Reduces stress and alleviates fatigue.

Furthermore, creating a routine by attending your yoga class will be greatly beneficial as you will set aside a specific time each week to care for yourselves, and you can share concerns and feelings with your fellow classmates and your instructor. All you need is suitable clothing, a little perseverance and your bottle of Solán de Cabras to keep you hydrated, and you will soon experience all of yoga’s benefits during pregnancy.

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