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Anni B Sweet nos habla de su álbum Chasing Illusions

On 10 March 2015, the 3rd album from the Malaga native, Anni B Sweet, was released under the title “Chasing Illusions”. Many things have occurred in Anni’s life since she began her musical career 6 years ago, and although she confesses she’s at a completely new stage, she tells us this record has been composed from the light and the wish to feel freer, returning to the melodies that have accompanied her throughout her life.


We spoke with Anni, who is currently promoting “Chasing Illusions”, so that she would share what is behind her song writing and tell us what this new album, in which she’s teamed up with musicians such as Noni from Lori Meyers and her guitarist Javier Doria has meant to her.

We will also show you the music video from the single with which she is launching this new journey and which was filmed with a 360º camera by the director Inés de Leon.

SoBlue– Anni, I’d like you to tell me a little more about this new album “Chasing Illusions”

Anni- “Chasing Illusions” marks a stage in my new life, many personal changes are reflected in this album. That’s why it is special for me. After a very dark album like my previous work, “Chasing Illusions” is composed from light and is much more mature.

I’ve produced it with Noni from Lori Meyers and Javier Doria, two people who have offered great enthusiasm and affection. It is essential for me to work with people who know me well and will help me go down the path I want.

The album has traces of three decades that have been present throughout my life: the 60s in the melodies, sounds and production, as well as the 70s. The synthesizers from the 80s were also influential.

The recording was made between Madrid and Granada, surrounded by my musicians who are also great friends.
It is a much more rhythmic record. The drums are more prominent along with synthesizer and guitar arrangements.


SB- Where did you find the story for each song?
A-  It’s difficult to say where each song came from, it’s more of a general feeling. I have written many songs on trips, inspired by the sky and by situations I’ve lived through at each moment. But above all else, I’d emphasize, in the lyrics, a wish to feel freer and the power to let myself go and release any prejudices and insecurities.

SB- Could we get to know you through your lyrics?
A- Absolutely, I’m always relaying what I feel and need to tell. Sometimes writing songs helps me analyze myself and vent my feelings.

SB- Do you believe you’re capable of reflecting in your music those moments and changes you go through?
A- Yes, even if I didn’t want to do it, I think it would be hard not to, because I always try to be honest with what I write and what I do, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to me to write and compose music. Everything I go through is reflected. Always.

SB- Could we say there is a different Anni B Sweet from your beginnings in music up to now?
A-  It’s been 6 years, surely something has changed. For me everything has been so natural and I’ve learned so much in this time although I still have so much to learn.  Music for me is very linked to personal matters, so every time there are changes in my life, there will changes in my music.

SB– By the way… I’ve been told you’re very shy. How do you feel when you get up on stage?
A– Very nervous. I always like to be with my musicians in the dressing room for a while beforehand so we can relax. Shyness is something on which I have to work, it truly blocks me and sometimes doesn’t even let me express what I would like to during live shows. But a good audience always helps!

SB– So, where can we see you live presenting “Chasing Illusions”?
A– You can check out dates on or follow me as @AnniB Sweet, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Inés de Leon

Text by Virginia Cámus

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