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Drinking water has may benefits for the organism, as it increases our energy, avoids dehydration, improves digestion, detoxes the organism, reduces the risk of getting sick and helps maintain our skin young and hydrated.

But, do we drink the amount of daily water our body needs? We often forget, are not in the habit or are unaware of how many glasses we should drink per day, but, thanks to technology, and specifically some applications, it’s very easy to control our consumption in order to reach the optimum quantity and lead a healthier life.

Some of the free and easy to use apps you can download onto our phones are:

– Drinking water: an app for Android that allows you to set a daily water consumption target and lets you know throughout the day if it doesn’t think you’ll reach it. It also allows you to consult statistics for your daily and monthly consumption.

– Water your body: another app for Android that calculates the daily amount you should drink based on your weight. It also offers daily and monthly statistics.

– Aqualert: available on Google Play, this app calculates the daily amount based on gender, weight and level of activity. In turn, it allows you to consult statistics, emits automatic notes stating the reasons for being hydrated and lets you know if you’re consuming more water than our organism needs.

– Daily water free: an app for iOs that also allows you to set a target and lets you know if it doesn’t look like you’ll reach it.

– Water alert: another app available at the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to receive your water drunk logs by email.

The consumption of an adequate daily amount of water is essential for your well-being, so with these apps and a bottle of Solán de Cabras, you no longer have an excuse not to be well hydrated!

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