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Ideal winter holidays

Taking a holiday during the winter is something we all dream of. A good time to schedule a family trip is to take advantage of school breaks.

This time of year is good for discovering a European country, especially one with a Christmas setting, or taking a vacation in the snow. There is nothing that children like more. Combining a cultural trip with a winter sport is one of the best options.

But, during the cold months, we tend to forget to stay hydrated. Children rarely ask for water and don’t remember to drink, so we have to be on top of them to make sure they stay hydrated. This is why it is recommended to carry a bottle of water with you or take a break during the trip to “have refreshments”.  Food is just as important as beverages. If, in addition, we’ve chosen a trip that includes winter sports, the loss of liquids is even greater.

Solán de Cabras is always watchful of family hydration. Not only hydration in pregnant women who need a greater intake of liquids, but also of each family member. It has a range of products for each and every one.

If you are pregnant and will be travelling, then the Somum smart bracelet will be very helpful for calculating your hydration level, depending on the stage of your pregnancy, your physiological characteristics and even the outdoor temperature. It is an app specially designed to offer continuous control during pregnancy. In addition to finding out your weight and body mass, you can follow nutritional and health tips from specialist doctors. During breastfeeding, this app will continue to be available so that mum and baby can control those same values.

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