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With an attractive aesthetic and design pieces, we find Mama Campo, an ecological restaurant and shop which you can enjoy if you’re around Plaza Olavide in the neighborhood of Chamberí. Mama Campo is not only a restaurant – it is so many things wrapped into one, as it has different environments where its owners – Nacho and David – have cared for every last detail, creating a balanced and sustainable atmosphere, coherent with the philosophy they intend to transmit. Under one brand name: “El Colmado”, “El Restaurante”, “La Cocinita Mama Campo” and “La Cantina” make up the various environments which feed on from each other perfectly.
It is in the first part – El Colmado – where, in an antique aesthetic emulating a neighborhood shop, you can buy everything you need to fill up your pantry with fresh produce, ecologically certified and distributed by local farmers. Thanks to the raw material you find in El Colmado, El Restaurante becomes the primary objective of those who wish to taste the delicious dishes that harbor traditional flavors – casseroles, stews, creams, salads, meat and fish –  but unveil a more modern cuisine which you can enjoy thanks to a complete menu that includes delicious desserts, breakfasts and snacks.

Furthermore, those at Mama Campo have a social and environmental commitment, collaborating with various NGOs and Foundations such as “Onyar La Selva”,the Chamberí community kitchen, “Fabrics for Freedom”…

Where are they:
Shop:  C/ Trafalgar, 22 , 91 622 75 16
Restaurant:  Plaza de Olavide  s/n, 91 447 41 38

More information at their website:


Text by Virginia Cámus

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