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Heraclitus of Ephesus – Greek philosopher – left a proverbial phrase summarizing his thoughts on continuous changes: “Panta Rhei”, or, in its English translation, “Everything flows”. Under the philosophy “Everything changes, everything flows, nothing remains still” we find Lilo and Ingrid’s contemporary bookstore. Panta Rhei, which was first born in the year 2000 under the arches and wooden floors of Calle Pelayo, later became a larger and more ambitious project and moved, in 2005, to Calle Hernán Cortes 7, which is where we find it today.


Panta Rhei has grown as a bookshop, but it has also become a publishing house and an art gallery – dedicated to artists specialized in drawings and illustrations – which we find as soon as we walk down its red staircase…already a cult spot in the capital.
We refer to cult bookshop as it is a compulsory stop for those individuals – artists or otherwise – who are searching for special editions or national and international novelties.
Within its packed and flawlessly categorized shelves, we find a wide variety of books on art, fashion, illustration, photography and design, in addition to a space for children, filled with pages and pages that will let their imaginations run free from an early age.
Oh and if you don’t have time to stop by or are not in the city, you can check out their online store

Text by Virgina Cámus
Photography by Virgina Cámus

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