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Used in traditional Asian medicine, this mushroom, which has been cultivated for over 3,000 years in China and Japan, is here to stay in our healthy habit routine. Offering multiple benefits and properties, reishi promises, among other things, to boost our immune system and regenerate tissue. Its high content of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other substances like polysaccharides, triterpenes or sterols produce various beneficial effects in our organism. It has been tested in cancer-fighting procedures, due to its powerful reinforcement of defenses or to combat infectious diseases. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, reduces cholesterol, anxiety and stress, and helps overcome insomnia: reishi acts on a cellular level as well as an emotional one. But this mushroom has a positive impact which is its mighty antioxidant power. This superfood helps maintain cells young and rejuvenated. Furthermore, its immunomodulatory action allows our immune system to react faster in the face of external contaminants which debilitate DNA.
It is recommended that reishi be pure when consumed, as the majority of supplements you find in the market are extracts. Whether fresh, dried, powdered or infused, you should never surpass the dosage of 9 grams per day, distributed in various doses. Combined with other supplements, such as vitamin C, you will obtain more beneficial effects.
Its counter-indications are few; it may cause a light rash or slight headache during the first few days, symptoms that signify the mushroom is helping detox the organism, and thus starting to liberate its properties.
Text Paula C.
Photography The Joyful Heart

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