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Sandra Tarruella and Richard Trench are the creative directors of this studio which inaugurates a new stage after over 30 years of experience and international awards. Their work, one of the most prestigious in the sector and in our country, is based on a deep culture of design, on the knowledge of the traditional processes and materials, on coherence, but also on continuous investigation to create spaces which arouse emotions.  We took some minutes of their time to get to know them better.
What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a room for the first time?
The proportions of space and light.
In order to create a pleasant ambience, it is essential to…
Create an ambience suitable to the concept.
With what concepts would you define the style of Tarruella Trench Studio?
Honesty, balance, warmth, functionality, respect for the surroundings. Our philosophy: team work and listening to the client who is the protagonist and who defines the project.
Where do you begin working on every project?
You begin by talking to the client, finding out what they want, what they like, searching for reference images and distributing the space. Each project is a new challenge, interpreting the needs and desires of the client, looking toward the future while revisiting and respecting the past.
What’s your inspiration when creating spaces?
We are avid followers of Pinterest! …but we also attend many fairs and get inspired by films, advertisements, trips…
What are your favorite materials and colors?
Noble, and always natural, materials like wood, iron, stone, leather, but also parchment or glass.
What element of interior decoration tends to be neglected?
Lighting, no doubt.
Does a ‘picture-perfect’ space have to be large and luxurious?
It doesn’t matter if the space is large or small, a small space can be just as interesting as a large one. In either case, it’s always a challenge. We have enjoyed a project like Rocambolesc, a more compact and limited space, just as much as another like the restaurant Bosco de Lobos, a huge venue in which we had to design both the interior and exterior space.
Interior design is often related to architecture but…What is its relation to other arts (painting, sculpture, design, landscaping)?
It’s all related, all of these disciplines feed off one another and the more influences there are and the closer they are related, then the more coherent the final result will be.
Let’s fantasize for a bit…if you could dress or design any mythical space, which would it be?
It would always depend on the project, who it’s for, why they need it, what would be its use, would it be a temporary set up? The coherence, the use, define the style.
Text Bárbara Vidal

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