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In the neighborhood of Malasaña, where the “Movida Madrileña” emerged back in the 80s, three young thirty-something entrepreneurs opened a bar in September 2012 with a more adult concept, offering good music and exclusive, quality products. A more mature atmosphere, as is defined by Rodrigo Taramona. He is one of three friends who, together with Jimmy Castro and Miguel Pemán, opened “The Passenger”. An ideal locale if you are looking to enjoy classic cocktails.
We spoke to Taramona about “The Passenger”, A project that has been ongoing for three years and has not stopped growing:
SoBlue – I’m curious to know why you chose a 50s train carriage as the setting for the bar.
Taramona – Because of the configuration of the space. It was so long and narrow that it was practically staring us in the face, but it was the interior designer who noticed it. He presented us with three projects and we almost didn’t even glance at the other two.
SB– What kind of ambience can we find at the bar?
T– People, from those who are twenty-something to those in their forties. A lot of local people, but also many foreigners, thanks to the amazing coverage we’ve had in international media and to the range of cocktails so popular in England, USA, etc.

SB– Without a doubt, “The Passenger” is known for its cocktails.Tell me about what drinks we can find on your menu.
T – We have both classic and signature cocktails. Infused vodkas, we are really into mezcal, less traditional rums and Islay whiskeys. We like to think of ourselves as a bar in which to experiment and travel through drinking.

SB – What drink would you recommend if we’re visiting for the first time?
T– A pisco sour or a millionaire, our most sought-after cocktails, but I wouldn’t say no to a Caol Ila PX or a 20-year Plantation, no ice in a nice glass. Another great option is our Pilsner Urquell beer.
SB – And if we get hungry?
T– We have a wide array of snacks: nachos with “DIY” guacamole, signature cheese boards and delicious home-made pies.
SB – Where are you located?
T– You can find us Monday through Sunday from 16:00 to 04:00 in the Calle Pez, 16 in Madrid.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Virginia Cámus
TEXT by Virginia Cámus

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