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Commitment to society


International water and water treatment projects

Mahou San Miguel has a production center in Rajasthan, the Indian state where the Churu desert is located. In its commitment to making a contribution in the communities where it operates, the company in 2015 kicked off a social project for supplying water in one of the most arid parts of the country.

This initiative was possible thanks to the involvement of over 2,800 company employees who participated in the campaign, in which 30 wells were built to supply ten communities in the area and a water purification project was developed for schools in the Churu desert.

Due to lack of infrastructure, the main economic activities of the area, farming and ranching, were mostly dependent on water collected during the monsoon season. In the search for partners for the water purification and treatment project, Mahou San Miguel selected SCRIA, a local association, for its long track record in developing sustainable projects in rural communities in India.

“At Mahou San Miguel, supporting the local communities where it operates is an essential part of our business strategy.

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