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Ethical management

Drop by drop we build a more egalitarian society

In Solán de Cabras we do not stop growing and evolving to create a more egalitarian society. That is why we renewed our “Equality in the Company” badge, a recognition that was given to us for the first time in 2015 and after which we have not stopped working to continue advancing in this field.

The distinctive “Equality in the Company” is a mark of excellence that is renewed every three years and that recognizes companies that have carried out work and an evolution in the development of Equality policies between women and men in the workplace, through the implementation of plans and measures.

It also gives us the possibility of being part of a company network and participating in both virtual and face-to-face activities to share work, experiences and motivations that allow us to explore new ways of change.

We will continue working to renew our distinctive in 2024 with new policies and projects that help us continue to grow in equality.

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