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Girl astronaut

Girl astronaut

  • To make this model, you’ll need a 33 cl Solán de Cabras bottle, some scissors and glue.

  • astronautachica_paso1

  • Glue the legs around the bottle by putting glue on the back.

  • astronautachica_paso2

  • Fold the space suit and then glue the two arms to the sides.

  • astronautachica_paso3

  • Next, glue the front control panel to the leg-piece and the back control panel to the back of the suit.

  • astronautachica_paso4

  • Glue the face to the bottle neck and then fold the helmet along the lines to form a cube.

  • astronautachica_paso5

  • Put the helmet on the figure. Our astronaut has to be well protected!

  • astronautachica_paso6

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