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  • To make this model, you’ll need a 33 cl Solán de Cabras bottle, some scissors and glue.

  • rino_paso1

  • The first step to bring our rhino to life is to stick the piece for the body around the bottle.

  • rino_paso2

  • Fold the legs along the lines and stick the two pieces together by putting glue on the tabs.

  • rino_paso3

  • Make the rhino’s head by folding the piece along the lines and putting some glue on the marked tabs.

  • rino_paso4

  • Then, glue the horn and the ears to the front and top of the head. It’s starting to take shape!

  • rino_paso5

  • Finally, put the head on the bottle top and the rhinoceros is ready!

  • rino_paso6

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