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This training technique has become the new fitness method preferred  by women all over the world thanks to its quick results and its uniform way of working the muscles and trouble zones; 60 min. which combine bar exercises, ballet movements and HIIT intervals and guarantee a toned and slender figure. Barrecore emerged in 2011 in London, when its creator, Niki Rein, took advantage of the existing gap in the field of fitness for those women looking for quick results through training that made them feel feminine. Thus, she went from giving classes in an old garage, to opening her first studio in Chelsea and giving way to a fitness revolution which has gone global. The essence of this technique is combining high-intensity isometric exercises such as squats and abs with cardio and stretching at the bar and on the floor with weights, balls and bands.
One hour divided into a 5 minute warm-up, 10 minutes of core training, 25 for legs and glutes and 20 for conditioning which, aside from toning and exercising every muscle in the body, reduces cortisol, a hormone which stimulates the production of glucose, which sends a hunger signal to the brain and leads the cells to store fat mostly located in the abdomen and muscles.
The success of Barrecore has driven the creation of alternate varieties which are adapted to the various needs of the women (and men, who are gaining interest) who practice it: BarreSana which also works on the emotional state, BarreStretch which applies yoga and dance techniques or BarreFoundations, which focuses on poses.
It is still not available, in Spain, for practice in studios or gyms, but you can learn about the technique, and practice it at home, through their website.
Text by Paula. C

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