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Running, also know as jogging, is more than a fleeting fad associated with the world of sports and a new lifestyle. To prove it, we will uncover some of the most notable and unknown benefits of this physical activity which continues gaining followers around the world.
–  It keeps us young: it reduces the physical and psychological decline in up to 50%.
– It saves lives: it reduces the risk of heart attacks and anginas.
– It strengthens muscles and bones, avoiding their progressive debilitation and deterioration.
– It increases good cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots, improves the efficiency of the lungs and maintains the elasticity of the arteries, protecting the body from bad cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.
– It prevents Alzheimer’s: according to studies from the University of Cambridge, running helps generate neurons in the hippocampus which improve mental ability, thus creating a greater number of connections between brain neurons.
– It improves self-esteem and self-confidence.
– It eliminates stress, liberating tension.
– It improves flexibility and coordination.
– It makes us happier: it contributes to generating endorphins, the happiness hormone.
– It improves cartilage and helps it grow
– It makes us more resistant to pain, increasing our threshold for pain.
– It alleviates headaches: the Swedish University of Gothenburg concluded, after research, that those who suffer from migraines reduced those episodes by going out for a forty-minute run, three days a week, for three months.
– It regenerates muscle, contrary to belief, the University of Illinois has demonstrated that running accelerates the process by which the body’s cells generate new muscle.
– It strengthens bones: weight-bearing and medium to high-intensity exercises contribute to an increase in bone density, protecting the organism against fractures and the dreaded osteoporosis.

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