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10 antioxidant foods

A list of nutricosmetics, antioxidant foods that work on beauty from within.

  1. Chocolate: Rich in antioxidant substances, it contains over 30! If you consume it moderately every day, it only provides benefits, the purer the better!
  2. Broccoli: An authentic antioxidant treasure, it helps prevent a number of illnesses. It also contains: water, iron, calcium, fibre, beta carotene, folic acid, potassium and vitamins A, B and C. The most nutritious is to eat it raw or steamed.
  3. Legumes: Due to their high fibre content and low glycemic index, they are very harmonious carbohydrates. They also contain a lot of protein, folic acid, iron and potassium. Pure health grains which we must include in our menu several times a week.
  4. Brown rice: Antioxidant and detoxing. It is essential in an anti-ageing diet. It has a high content of fibre and low glycemic index. It provides the organism with purity and energy. Note: it shouldn’t be overcooked so as not to further its calories.
  5. Green tea: One of the Orient’s age-old secrets. Its antioxidants can be up to 50 time more effective than those of vitamins C and E. It strengthens the immune system, from the teeth to the heart. Health in a liquid form.
  6. Algae: Their antioxidant power is so great that they are also used in cosmetics. A source of calcium, iron, protein, iodine, potassium, selenium and vitamins. They combine with a variety of dishes.
  7. Berries: Rich in carotenes, they are a delicious source of antioxidants and more: vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium and very few calories. The high content of melatonin stands up to the organism’s ageing.
  8. Avocado: Source of heart-healthy Omega-3, Omega-9, Omega-t and Omega-6 fatty acids, protein and antioxidants. Highly nutritious, good for the skin and ideal for pregnant women due to its high content of folic acid.
  9. Salmon: Its healthy fat nurture and beautify the skin. It is also rich in Omega-3, vitamin B, liposoluble vitamins such as A and D. A true cocktail for beauty and health.
  10. Grapes: Good for the heart and for rejuvenation. Its greatest treasure is its richness in resveratrol, a substance which protects the cells from free radicals. Youth in a bunch!

Don’t forget to have these foods in your kitchen. Add them to your menus and always drink lots of water. Your body will thank you.

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