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Cooking in the winter

When it’s cold, cooking is more appealing. Broths, stews or any hot dish are ideal to battle the winter. During this season, we choose less salads and more creams.

We always try to choose healthy dishes for our family, but during this time of year, we also want them to be hot.

Furthermore, if you’re pregnant, you try to take better care of your nutrition. Experts recommend choosing seasonal foods, those that provide the highest caloric value and contain less fat. The best thing to do is to have a weekly calendar in order to follow a balanced, organised and varied diet. Several casseroles a week, without too much fat, lots of legumes and vegetables, creamed or baked, can be good options for a starter. The meal can be completed with a stew or seared or poached fish. It is recommended to eat five times a day.


In addition to eating, a good and proper hydration is very important. It’s even more important during this time, to ensure an ample liquid intake. Drinking a lot of water, eating several pieces of fruit every day (ideally between meals) and drinking natural juices is essential during pregnancy.

In order to control hydration and help ease a woman’s pregnancy, Solán de Cabras launches the Somum app, specially designed for them. This application will not only be a companion during gestation, but also during breastfeeding. The levels of hydration are measured by a smart bracelet, in a personalised and real time manner. Furthermore, the app includes health and nutrition tips, counts the calories consumed and the number of steps taken, advises on weight control and monitors Body Mass Index. An app created for pregnant women to obtain, at all times, information pertaining to their hydration levels, which are health levels.

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