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These foods are tastier, have more nutrients, they are healthier for our organism, free of toxic residues and are respectful with the environment. It is truly important to include them in our gastronomy. Want to know more?

Do we know the difference between biological, ecological and organic food? Although in Spanish legislation these are all synonyms, there are slight differences between these terms, basically focused on emphasising certain intrinsic aspects of each product. Although generally speaking, these are foods which come from ecological agriculture and which are therefore free of industrial or chemical treatments, it is important to point out that ecological foods are those that originate in a space which is environmentally respectful, while the “bio” category emphasises that the food has not suffered genetic alterations and, lastly, the word “organic” highlights that the product is free of transgenics and pesticides.

Foods that meet these characteristics are, in addition to being tastier, more beneficial to our health, as they prevent our organism from storing toxic residues which can even lead to the development of certain cancers or allergies. Furthermore, our body better assimilates nutrients – greater in these types of foods – when we digest something natural and free of industrial additives. We should keep in mind that in order for the organism to absorb the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre it needs to function with normality, the consumption of vegetables should be varied and balanced.

Aside from being beneficial for you, ecological foods are also beneficial for the environment, as they come from sustainable agriculture and ranching, which carry out a rational use of natural resources, not jeopardising them for future generations. They also avoid pollution and favour biodiversity.

Ecological foods, by dispensing with chemical substances, avoid air, land and water pollution. Furthermore, by employing more respectful techniques, they generate an increase in the soil’s biological activity. Ecological agriculture requires a greater work volume and thus generates employment in rural areas. The search for medicinal and therapeutic effects provided by foods should be carried out under medical supervision.

If to this we add the “sustainability” factor of ecological farming with the environment, the benefits of ecological foods multiply. In rebuttal, it should be mentioned that their current price is elevated and they are not that easy to find.

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