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Mission and Values

Solan de Cabras is one of the brands that make up Mahou San Miguel since 2011, the year of its acquisition. Mahou San Miguel is a family company, 100% Spanish, with more than 2,800 professionals.

"Our values are the flagship for the production and sale of our products until the moment they reach the consumer."

We promote development through internationalization, innovation and continuous improvement, and are firmly committed to society.


  1. Aperture

    Open provision to continue learning and improving day by day, in the whole decisions that we take.

  2. Trust

    We trust in each professionals who came along with us in our every journey, same as our products, created with perseverance and dedication.

  3. Excellence

    We embellish the quality around us so as to earn the considerable respect and esteem of our clients and investors.

  4. Integrity

    We act at all times in accordance with a personal commitment to honesty and sincerity. Respecting personal and moral principles.

  5. Collaboration

    In unison, we continuously aim to help and serve, in small and larger details, so as to progress in our mission and purpose.

  6. Commitment

    We strive to fulfil our obligations and aims in order properly to achieve the goals we have set.

  7. Dedication to serve

    We are alert and observant in seeking out opportunities to offer both external and internal clients special attention as a matter of course.


Our key purpose is to generate sustainable value for our clients, partners, shareholders, staff and society at large, reasserting our commitment to the Spanish economy.

"To make our brands a part of the best moments of our consumers every day"

We review the management of our business as a matter of ethical and honest professionalism. We are committed to the economic and social development of the country, and innovate so as to guarantee the excellence of our products.

Lead the category on the Spanish market.
Have an established international footprint.
Offer our consumers and customers flagship brands.
Create and market products of the utmost quality.
Be committed to the generation of sustainable value for our team, community and shareholders.