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Solán de Cabras continues the pink tide of “Gotas de Solidaridad” by supporting World Breast Cancer Day on 19 October

The brand continues with the “Gotas de Solidaridad” action and its pink bottle by strengthening its commitment to fighting breast cancer through a donation of 2,000 minutes of psychological support via telephone.

These minutes of personalised psychological attention to patients and their family members come in addition to the 24,000 already donated by the company in 2016.

The action, developed jointly with the Spanish Cancer Association, continues the work of raising the visibility of the personal experience of women who have had breast cancer.

Madrid, 17 October de 2016.- Next Wednesday, 19 October, is World Breast Cancer Day, a date observed each year to demonstrate society’s commitment to the fight against this disease and to show support to women sufferers and their family members.

Solán de Cabras wants to be present again this year by offering its support to these people in their daily lives. To do so, it has strengthened the collaboration agreement it has had for three years with the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) with a donation of 2,000 minutes of psychological assistance through the specialised telephone line of the AECC.

These minutes are in addition to the 24,000 the brand already donated last April following the launch of its famous pink bottle and the ‘Gotas de Solidaridad’ campaign. An initiative through which it successfully engaged consumers as participants in its commitment to this project through social media. To date, the donation of Solán de Cabras to this service has made it possible to take over 3,000 telephone calls.

On this occasion, the “’Special Reserve’ of Mineral Waters” is supporting World Breast Cancer Day and continuing the daily fight against this disease faced each year by the more than 63,000 women who suffer from it. Additionally, it is continuing to work towards its goal of raising the visibility of the people who collaborate in the fight against cancer and the importance of psychological support for overcoming the disease. To do so, it has created new video testimonials of women who have lived through this experience and managed to overcome it thanks to the support of their families and of the volunteers who provide psychological support through the Association’s help line.

“For us, the ‘Gotas de Solidaridad’ project is a demonstration of our solid commitment to the Spanish Cancer Association and all the people who face this disease. We firmly believe in the benefits of psychological support to patients and their family members. This, united with the success of our pink bottle as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer, is what has led us to launch a new wave and to donate more minutes that will help people confront this disease from the beginning and during the entire recovery process”, said Jesús Núñez, Managing Director of the Water and Soft Drinks business unit at Mahou San Miguel and the top representative of Solán de Cabras.

The AECC’s psychological support programme is totally free of charge and constitutes a great help for people diagnosed with cancer. The service is oriented towards answering questions and assisting people with the problems that arise from the moment someone is diagnosed, over the long course of the disease, and during treatment. And, it works on controlling stress and techniques for confronting this type of situation.

The brand also participates actively in the women’s races held in Spain, colouring the race with a pink tide of bottles in solidarity with the cause. To date, it has been present in Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria, Gijón, A Coruña and Seville. On 30 October of this year, it will be at the race in Zaragoza and, on 6 November, at the one in Barcelona.

Committed to health:

Solán de Cabras, recognised since the eighteenth century as a Medicinal Mineral Water and, in 1790, declared as a Water of Public Interest, and steadfast in its concern for healthy lifestyle habits, has collaborated with numerous initiatives like this one since its beginnings. In addition to this action by Solán de Cabras aimed at the consumer, the Mahou San Miguel company carries out a series of actions to raise awareness aimed at its 2,800 employees to help them integrate physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits into their daily life. The brand has created, in collaboration with the Health and Well-being department of Mahou San Miguel, the Solán Women’s Running Team, a runners’ club, which not only offers tips on integrating exercise into daily life but also provides information on improving the prevention of numerous diseases, including cancer.

AECC, 62 years of experience in the fight against cancer

The AECC, a private NPO (non-profit organisation) declared to be in the public interest, has been working on the fight against cancer for 60 years. The AECC is made up of patients, family members, volunteers and professionals who work together on prevention, awareness, accompanying those affected and raising funds for oncological research projects aimed at improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. The AECC maintains quality oncological research as one of its priority goals and is, today, the social and private institution that provides the most funds, €28 million since 2009, for cancer research. The AECC, through its scientific foundation, channels society’s demand for cancer research by financing scientific and social research programmes through public tenders. These programmes are aimed at achieving scientific advances to improve the outlook for patients and their families, and to consolidate a scientific structure in Spain, while sharing the progress being made with all of society. The AECC’s scientific foundation is certified with the AENOR quality seal. Structured in 52 provincial boards and with over 2,000 offices throughout Spain, the AECC carries out its work through its more than 15,000 volunteers and 680 employees under a philosophy of collaboration with health care authorities, scientific institutions and other entities that pursue goals parallel to those of the association. Always under the principles of independence, professionalism, transparency and proximity.

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