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This privacy policy (hereinafter the ‘ Privacy Policy ’) applies to all data of a personal nature that the User provides to MAHOU, S.A., CERVECERA INDEPENDIENTE, S.A., both located at Calle Titán 15, 28045, Madrid, and AGUAS DE SOLÁN DE CABRAS, S.A., located at Paraje de Solán de Cabras s/n, 16893 Beteta (Cuenca) (hereinafter jointly known as ‘ Mahou ’) through online forms or when making a purchase on its web page (hereinafter the ‘Website’). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘User’ is understood to mean any physical person interested in the products and services that Mahou offers through its Website. When necessary and before any data is provided, Mahou, as Controller , shall request the User’s explicit consent to this Privacy Policy and to any other aspect that requires the User’s prior authorisation. Users can contact us by sending an electronic mail to with any inquiries or questions they may have in relation to data protection.


The User is hereby informed that Mahou will process the personal data submitted through contact and account registration forms on the Website for the purposes indicated below, provided that there are legal grounds for each type of processing as explained further on:
  • (a) To guarantee that the User is able to access and use the Website.
  • (b) To manage the relationship of the User with Mahou, including management of the purchases the User makes in the Mahou store, as well as of the User’s participation in contests, promotions and websites, computer applications and/or spaces on Mahou’s social media (hereinafter the ‘Content’). (These purposes include but are not limited to verification that the User meets the requirements for receiving the prize associated with the promotion or contest and making delivery of same.)
  • (c) To gather statistics and conduct market studies, including analysis regarding the User’s behaviour in the context of browsing and the creation of user profiles through the integration and joint processing of the information collected through the cookies and similar technologies of any Content with information about the User existing in Mahou databases or which can be obtained from any social media platform, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other Content, all for the purpose of learning more about the User, conducting market studies and offering users more personalised promotional content and activities.
  • (d) To inform the User by any means, including the sending of commercial communications to the electronic mail address provided by the User in relation to Mahou products and services similar to those acquired by the User.
  • (e) To engage in promotional activities regarding other products and services, both those of Mahou and those of third parties, including the sending of electronic commercial communications to the electronic mail address provided by the User or which Mahou has obtained through the User’s browsing information, in the event that the latter consents to this.


  • La The legal basis for processing the data for purposes (a) and (b) is performance of the contract for provision of the service and/or purchase of the corresponding products.
  • The legal basis for processing the data for purposes (c), (d) and (e) is the consent requested of the User. Withdrawal of this consent in no way conditions performance of the service provision contract.
In the event that the User is interested in accessing particular services that require prior registration, including but not limited to participating in contests, sweepstakes, promotions, fora, surveys and other Mahou activities; making purchases or using the services Mahou offers; as well as sending videos, images and other types of materials; receiving information about promotions or contacting Mahou, the User must fill out the forms requesting personal data or other means for adherence by the User to the particular services offered through the Content in each case. The provisions of this Privacy Policy notwithstanding, the privacy policy established in each case and communicated to the User by Mahou when the User fills out registration forms, surveys, contest or promotion rules and/or any other conditions of the particular services shall take precedence. This policy shall be applied in those cases in a complementary manner (in all matters which do not conflict with it, in which case the provisions established in the specific case for these promotions/services/contests will prevail). Mahou, at the time the User provides his or her personal data, will collect and process those that are essential for registration, access to the User’s personal space and contact with the Mahou Customer Service team. Should the User choose to acquire one of Mahou’s products or services, or to participate in its promotions and/or contests, Mahou will collect and process the necessary data (including first name, surnames, street address, electronic mail address, etc.) to manage the purchasing process and in order to provide any other service. The User acknowledges and accepts that failure to provide certain data of a personal nature may prevent Mahou from providing all the services associated with those data. Under no circumstances will Mahou transfer or utilise these data for a purpose other than expressly indicated here. During the process of registering and completing the contact form, the User shall be informed of the non-compulsory nature of some of the data for provision of Mahou’s services. The User may voluntarily provide additional information in certain sections of the Mahou website. The decision to provide this information corresponds exclusively to the User. However, Mahou recommends that the User not provide more information than is necessary for the purposes of the services he or she is using. Furthermore, Mahou may process geolocalisation data in order to properly provide the services it offers through the website, including (1) location of stores, (ii) calculation of shipping costs, and (iii) personalisation of the service. In this case, a notification will be sent allowing the User to accept or reject this functionality.


Mahouwill retain the User’s data for the duration of the contractual relationship with the User and, in any case, for a maximum period of seven years from the date of the User’s last interaction with Mahou, notwithstanding any retention that may be necessary for the filing, exercise, or defence of potential claims and/or provided that this is permitted by the applicable laws. Once the abovementioned period has ended, the Company agrees to cease processing all your data and to duly block them in the corresponding Company databases.


Optimal provision of the service that Mahou offers through its Website may require that trusted third-party service providers access the User’s personal data, such as data processors under Mahou’s control and to the extent that is strictly necessary for provision of the services contracted with same. These processors operate by virtue of a service contract under the terms, conditions and guarantees contained in the GDPR, with Mahou carrying out the corresponding controls, inspection and audits in this area to confirm that these processors strictly comply with the contracts entered into for this purpose and all applicable regulations.By accepting this Privacy Policy, the User understands that some of the abovementioned service providers are located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and, therefore, do not offer the same level of personal data protection as in the EEA. In particular, the User understands that Mahou has entered into a contract with, Inc, data controller located in the United States, for provision of the service consisting of managing the Mahou’s relationships with its users and customers, in addition to providing a platform for advertising and marketing purposes. In these cases, Mahou has adopted adequate measures and guarantees in this area in compliance with the European Regulation on Data Protection, including transfer agreements based on standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. For further information on international transfers of personal data and the aforementioned guarantees, contact Mahou as described in the next section. In addition to the above, the User understands that Mahou may transfer or disclose personal data to meet its obligations to Public Administrations in cases where it is required to do so in accordance with the laws in force at any given time and, if applicable, also to other bodies such as state security forces and agencies and judicial authorities.


Mahou informs the User regarding the possibility of freely exercising his or her rights of access, rectification, objection, erasure, portability and limitation of processing, as well as to reject automated processing of personal data by sending a signed written request to the following address: Legal Affairs Dept., c/ Titán 15, 28045, Madrid or through the Customer Service form. To this end, the User must send this written communication indicating his or her request or the right being exercised, first name and surname(s) and the address for notifications, together with a copy of their national identification document or other valid document (photocopy of passport) accrediting their identity. Proxy representation must be proven by a valid document. Likewise, Users may also exercise their rights by sending a photocopy of both sides of their national identification document (or passport) through the ‘Contact us’ form, if one exists. The user has the right to oppose the processing of his or her data for promotional purposes and the reception of commercial communications by simply notifying Mahou of his or her wishes. To do so, the User may send his or her request using the procedure described in the previous paragraph. Likewise, the User may cancel the reception of commercial communications in the manner provided in each commercial communication (for example, by means of the link included in each of them). In addition to the abovementioned rights, the User has the right to withdraw the consent at any time by means of the procedure described above. Such withdrawal of consent will not affect the legitimacy of processing prior to its withdrawal. Mahou will be able to continue to process the User’s data to the extent permitted by law. Mahou reminds the Users that they have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


The Website is not intended for use by persons under the age of 18, with the exception of the Aguas Solán de Cabras, S.A. website. In this sense, persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from accessing the Content. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the User represents and warrants that he or she is 18 years of age or older . If the User is under this age, he or she should not provide any data. We cannot and do not wish to collect personal data from any person under the age of 18 or aim any promotion, including promotions for any type of alcoholic beverage, to persons under the legal age for purchasing it. If Mahou has knowledge that a minor has provided personal data, having made false declarations in the previous requirements (date of birth for accessing), we will proceed to erase these personal data from our files. The parents or guardians may, in any case, contact Mahou to block the accounts of minors under their care who have registered by misrepresenting their identity.


Mahou warns the user that, except in cases of legally constituted and accredited representation, no User can use the identity of another person and disclose their personal data. The user must, therefore, at all times keep in mind that they can only introduce personal data corresponding to their own identity and that these data must be suitable, relevant, up to date, exact and truthful. To this end, the User is the only party responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage caused to third parties or Mahou due to use of another individual’s personal data, or their own personal data when this is false, erroneous, out-of-date, unsuitable, or not pertinent. In addition, any User who discloses the personal data of a third party will be liable to that third party pursuant to obligation to report when personal data has not be collected from the interested party and/or the consequences of not having informed the person and, if applicable, obtained their consent. In the event that the User provides personal data corresponding to third parties, he or she undertakes to inform these persons in advance of the intention to disclose their data to Mahou and to obtain their prior, explicit and written consent for said data processing and any purposes for which they might be processed, with the User liable otherwise. Users are the only source of information for their personal data, and therefore Mahou requests that they, in order to keep their data updated at all times in accordance with the principles of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), report any change in same by writing to c/Titán 15, 28045, Madrid or by selecting the corresponding option in the ‘Contact us’ section of the Content, if one exists. Users are reminded that to update their data, they must accredit their identity by providing a photocopy of their national identification or equivalent document.


Our web page uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website. This helps us provide you with a satisfactory experience when you browse our website and also enables us to improve it. You can obtain more information about the use of cookies on this website in the Cookies Policy document.


The Website may include hyperlinks to other sites that are not operated or controlled by Mahou. As a result, Mahou does not guarantee, or accept any liability for, the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness and timeliness of the content of said websites or of the data processing carried out. Before providing your personal information to these non-Mahou websites, please keep in mind that their compliance with respect to data protection may differ from ours.


Mahou may modify its Privacy Policy in accordance with the applicable laws at any time. In any case, we inform you that for any modification of the Privacy Policy with a significant effect on your privacy and the protection of your data, should the applicable regulations so require, we will give you the opportunity to grant your consent again.


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