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Special Editions

  1. Agua de Loewe edition

    Agua de Loewe edition

    To celebrate “Expo Zaragoza 2008”, the theme of which was water as an essential element for life, Solán de Cabras collaborated with Loewe to launch this special edition with the same name as its famous perfume: Agua de Loewe.

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  2. 225th Anniversary edition

    225th Anniversary edition

    A special edition to commemorate the 225th anniversary of Solán de Cabras. A unique birthday that culminated in the redesign of our bottle for this special celebration. An event held at the palace that is home to the Real Academia de las Bellas Artes.

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  3. Special Nacho Cano edition

    Special Nacho Cano edition

    A very special edition designed and signed by Nacho Cano. In conjunction with Nacho Cano’s music and activism against hunger, Solán de Cabras allowed its bottle to be used to fund a social project in Angola to help families in the developing world.

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  4. H2ORO by DUYOS edition

    H2ORO by DUYOS edition

    Bathed in 18-carat gold, our bottle passed through the hands of designer Juan Duyos to raise awareness of the need to care for and protect water as an essential natural resource. An initiative in which 27 designers from the Asociación de Creadores de Moda expressed their “message in a bottle”.

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  5. Ana Locking edition

    Ana Locking edition

    Our bottle was dressed up in gold and white. A new, Christmas-themed design created by fashion designer Ana Locking, the ideal accessory for our festive tables.

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  6. Drops of solidarity edition

    Drops of solidarity edition

    Solán de Cabras, in collaboration with the Spanish Cancer Association, relaunched its iconic pink bottle to reaffirm its commitment to patients and their family members in the fight against breast cancer.

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