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There are many factors which have made running a stellar sport, an increasing life style also among women which is continuously gaining popularity -an in greater numbers- with the many popular races being carried out both in our country and abroad. A hobby which no doubt benefits our health.
The current socio-economic situation has helped boost its popularity, as there is no need to join a gym or buy specific equipment to run; all you need is a good pair of running shoes and the desire to go out and burn calories, no matter where we are. Its convenience, combined with a growing attention to caring for our body and, above all, health, have truly favored the rise of running among women of all ages.
On the other hand, as it is a sport that can be carried out in groups and outdoors, something that the female public appreciates and values, and it also increases the spirit of self-improvement, it makes the reasons for running both noticeable and truly satisfying.
As if this weren’t enough, a couple of years ago, a team of German researchers published a study in which they proved that running increases endorphins, generating a sense of euphoria seldom reached through other sports and physical activities. Analyzing the times of different people who practice track and field, the best times were achieved by those with a low blood pressure. So one of the best ways to lower your blood pressure is through speed, and one of the simplest ways to achieve it is to run straight lines.
If, after reading this article, you are willing to go out and run, remember it’s important to drink water constantly in order to avoid dehydration.

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