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yo siquecomo

Chicken delicacies

On this occasion, naturopath Patricia Pérez will prepare an original and delicious fat-free recipe with chicken breasts. There’s nothing like enjoying a balanced life.



  • Chicken breasts
  • A few mustard seeds
  • 2 teaspoons miso
  • Pinch unrefined salt
  • Cherry tomato, peeled
  • Basil leaves



Place the chicken breasts over a sheet of parchment paper, with the peeled cherry tomatoes, and basil leaves over it. Add some mustard seeds and dissolve the miso in hot water. Pour the miso over the chicken and close the parchment paper, creating an envelope. Bake at 180º for 25 minutes. Serve the chicken over a bed of raw spinach, accompanied by a handful of alfalfa sprouts with a drizzle of oil and some sesame seeds.

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