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Skin care in cold seasons

During the summer, we truly look after our skin. We hydrate it and protect it from the sun, we care for it more.
Most of us believe that the sun damages the skin but that we’re safe in the winter, and that is not true. Our skin suffers just as much during winter as it does in summer.
The continuous exposure to sudden changes in temperature, the dryness of the environment with heating, and pollution, all leave skin in very poor conditions. It gets dry, loses shine and that’s when eczemas or dermatitis appear. Just as we care for ourselves on the outside, with gloves and scarves, we must also care for the skin from within. The cold especially dries the face, neck and hands, but a moisturizing cream is not enough to obtain perfect skin.
Proper cleaning and a correct and continuous hydration are the solutions. Pregnant women, who are going through a time in which they take more care of themselves, must pay special attention to this aspect. Avoiding and battling dehydration caused by low temperatures must be among their priorities.
Drinking a lot of water is fundamental, as, during pregnancy, the loss of liquids is even greater. And during breastfeeding, the baby’s demand is so great, that the mother must be hydrated at all times. If the mother also practices a sport or any physical activity, the depletion of liquids is greater. But she’s not alone in this. Solán de Cabras has launched, for them, the app Somum, with the latest technology. Through a smart bracelet, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can know their levels of hydration at all times, as well as the calories they consume, they can control their weight and body mass and follow nutrition and health advice. This advice is prepared by specialist doctors.

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