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Doméstico, La Compañía del Hogar, is a treasured space dedicated to décor, design and all the special objects that make a home a unique place. Located in the center of Santander, its owners intended to combine the traditional concept of an architecture studio (the family business for over 30 years) with a décor shop which would also serve as a precursor to attract and foster client loyalty . A space which would represent their essence, which would be different yet close. The choice of the city was key; not only because it was their home, but also because, as they tell us from Doméstico, it is a city filled with commercial curiosity, with lots of tourism, and a real demand for a place to buy different décor objects, also in small formats and at reasonable prices.
In their store one can find a thought-out selection; from art to cosmetics, passing through flatware, costume jewelry, magazines, furniture or lighting, and the thing is, they say, that after over two years of business, they’ve managed to understand the term concept store: “A commercial space stacked with objects of a very diverse nature but with a common denominator, fine design”.
When selecting pieces they confess to be “capricious” as their greatest premise is that of choosing anything and everything they would like as users. Thanks to this principle, they have uncovered real treasures and best-sellers. At Doméstico one can find national and international design products with a team behind them, a work of art with a story that the client takes home.
Although their favorite cities to shop in and discover decoration are Paris and London as they are “sale hubs”, they love Italian tendencies and are currently into those from Australia and New Zealand as well.
They explain how their inspiration is quite varied; architecture in all its facets, artistic and cultural movements from cities like Madrid or Lisbon, and even the world of cuisine, and everything around them.
Aside from managing the store and architecture studio, they create different wedding lists, have a sales service specialized in the restaurant industry and intend on soon being able to create new events and products which are 100% Doméstico.
You can find more information and discover their online store at


Text Paula C.
Photographs provided by Doméstico Santander

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