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It’s only two years old but it already has over 100 million users around the world.

Instagram is one of those ideas with a “made in San Francisco” style, conceived to succeed. Instagram is fashion. While in the beginning it was more a photography app or tool than social media, it immediately reached -thanks to its filters and interaction buttons (like, share and comment) – a significant community which has not stopped growing, even after it was taken over by Facebook.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that brands have surrendered to its feet, creating official profiles through which they share images with their followers that would otherwise probably not have an impact or a showcase in which to be exhibited.

Fashion and its brands have signed on successfully to the Instagram boom, many of them managing to reach an exorbitant number of followers. These are the ten fashion brands with the most followers on this social media:

Are there alternatives to Instagram?

The main apps which are the direct competition of Instagram are:

Vignette: provides a great amount of adjustable options. It updates frequently. It has a free and a paid version (€1.95€).

Pixlr-o-matic: by Autodesk, due to its origin, it offers extraordinary filter functions. It’s free.

Hipstamatic: shares the same network as Instagram, so pictures taken on it can be published in Instagram.

PicYou: offers capturing, filter options and sharing. It’s a free app.

Molome: an alternative for Android users.

Lightbox: another free app for Android. It offers filters, creation and social media as well.

Streamzoo: it has borders and filters available. The users can select their photographs on existing social media or share with family and friends only on the Streamzoo site.

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