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Falling under the concept of a neighborhood store, Kiki Market has been a meeting place for Madrid residents for the past year and a half. Located in the centre of La Latina neighborhood, this healthy looking shop with infinite shelving emanates life and its clients are faithful to daily visits: from those who buy bread or a couple of carrots, to those looking for Maica – the shop manager – and her girls to tend to them in a personalized manner.
Whether you have gluten sensitivity, are a vegetarian or are allergic to yeast, you will find alternatives for every dietary intolerance to best fit your needs, getting fresh produce every day. Over and above ecological, organic or bio products, which are all the same, this particular store offers variety in its products, as Maica has looked to provide solutions for each and every client.
Fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, bread, legumes in bulk, cereal, dairy products, pastas, soups, honey, chocolate, wine, beer, tea, cookies, baby food, cleaning products, cosmetics and the latest addition to this wonderful space: ecological soy ice creams. A delicacy for those who are on the lookout for options.
Kiki Market intends to bring back flavors and help us eat like we used to, shying away from the idea that just because something is ecological, it doesn’t mean it is vegetarian or insipid, quite the contrary, in fact. This neighborhood market guides us in the search for better nutrition, making us forget about conservatives and food colorants, while narrowing their prices as much as possible.
Kiki intends to continue to grow, helping us bring a healthy lifestyle to our homes, as it also offers a delivery service.
But that’s not all, the shop has a staircase that leads to a wonderful space where one will soon be able to enjoy workshops such as initiation to the ecological world.
You can drop by Kiki Market located on the street Cava Alta no. 21, Monday through Sunday from 10:00 to 21:30 hrs.
PHOTOGRAPHY by Virginia Cámus
TEXT by Virginia Cámus

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