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This meditation technique based on focusing attention on the moment, promises not only to help us unwind, but also to provide beneficial effects such as increase concentration and creativity and decrease stress. Mindfulness comes from a Buddhist technique born over 2,500 years ago, which consists of being aware of the present moment; accepting what is occurring in the here and now, without judging other factors and avoiding over-analyzing the moment by associating it to past or future situations or experiences which, on many occasions, generate negative emotional states. The benefits of practicing mindfulness are multiple and varied; it reduces the levels of cortisol and, with it, anxiety and stress. It also helps overcome insomnia as a decrease in stress, combined with the control of our emotions, helps you relax and get to sleep. Furthermore, it improves concentration and memory and develops your emotional intelligence; it helps you to reflect on our inner selves and improve your state of mind. But, how do you do it? It may sound difficult to put into practice, as it requires a lot of attention and an ability of abstraction, which is why experts advise you start in a guided manner in order to then continue individually. Mindfulness is based on three important aspects:

-Breathing, through which you will learn to analyze a single concept; thinking about the movement of the air passing through each of the various parts of your body will take some time during which you will focus and forget about external factors.

-Practicing in everyday moments; focusing your attention and thoughts on an action you carry out every day will provide a moment in which to meditate; meal time, a stroll, even bathing, they are all perfect occasions to practice it.

-Not over-analyzing situations; only being capable of focusing your attention on the moment at hand can you evolve with this technique and obtain more profound and beneficial results.


Text Paula C.

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