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After visiting Barcelona and discovering Casa Perris – a bulk store which has been around since the 40s – Cristina and Gustavo decided it was time to think about executing their own business idea in Madrid. This idea would finally be set in the neighborhood of Chamberí under the name Pepita y Grano. Pepita y Grano is not just your average shop… It is the dream of this couple, comprised by an Argentinian and a native of Cadiz, who have achieved bulk sale paradise. A space that works in perfect harmony as it strives to be like the stores of the older days: small, cared for and personalized. Among its over 300 ecological traditional farming products, the ideal ingredients can be found to stock the pantry or prepare a special meal, not only basic products either as Pepita y Grano can also stock myriad rices, spices, dried fruit, algae and chocolates. Furthermore, if you are new at this experience and feel like being guided by your senses, Cristina encourages clients to discover the product’s quality through touch and smell.
In addition, if you are curious to get any tips from Cristina, you can ask her and she’ll gladly give you her opinion of what you might need. Otherwise, this Cadiz native will also teach you recipes that you can then later prepare at home.
In this store with produce in bulk, Cristina and Gustavo have also wanted to encourage a responsible and sustainable consumption in their clients, giving a special discount to those who arrive with their own containers from home. You can find Pepita y Grano in Calle Santa Engracia, 77 (Madrid).

Business hours: L-S 10:00-14:00 ı 17:00-20:30, D 10:00-14:00


Text by Virginia Camus

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