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At number 11 of Calle General Castaños in Madrid, we find an authentic and special space devoted to decoration, lifestyle and attention to details. We are in A-típica, specialists in savoir-faire.

A-típica’s concept was born over ten years ago, when it was time to organize Paola’s wedding, one of the founding sisters of the brand. The Herrera girls realized that there was no company truly offering the concept of creating weddings and events, which would provide detailed organization and a comprehensive experience, so they took advantage of this market niche and created their own agency.

Some time later, the need arose to create an original space where to prepare a wedding list in which one could find unique and different pieces with the dynamic spirit of the atypical woman.

Marina, under the premise of offering accessible luxury, is in charge of meticulously selecting the objects, furniture, gadgets, beauty products, clothing and accessories found in the store. From her world travels: Philippines, Sweden, Morocco or London, passing through Paris, décor fairs and her incessant inspiration, this beauty seeker collects the pieces we find in her store and website.

She tells us her inspiration comes from Parisian romanticism, English interiors, Belgian décor, the exuberance of Francoise de Langlade or the exoticism of Bali. All of these are fused in this space chock-full of unique details with the brand’s signature.

Aside from planning weddings, experiences and events, A-típica also offers workshops on various themes, some also proposed by their clients; wedding planning, decorating, how to set a table or even how to carry out your weekly shopping.

In relation to our visit, the Herrera sisters prepared a proposal for a Christmas decorated table with So Blue colors.

You can find more information on A-típica and their events at

Text and photography Paula C.

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