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Protection and hydration during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women try to take better care of themselves, lead a quieter life and dedicate more time to their well-being. A good pilates class, some exercise or an enjoyable stroll are small pleasures that cannot be missed. Yet, as you take better care of yourselves during this time, it is necessary to remember to stay hydrated.

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to relaxing music and dedicating a few minutes a day to one’s self? It’s time to unwind with a bottle of water by your side, with friends, at the gym or in childbirth classes. The important thing is to dedicate at least a few minutes to yourself a day.

Relaxation during pregnancy is essential. Leading a quiet life for these nine months helps have a more relaxing postnatal period. Those sleepless nights, constant rushing, loads of laundry and diaper changes are inevitable. So this is your time as a woman, to care for yourself and, of course, your hydration.

The Somum smart bracelet has been specially designed for pregnant women to control their care and needs. In short, your health. With it you can control your levels of hydration, calories consumed, and body weight and mass, among other essential values. The best thing about it is that it continues monitoring your levels even after you’ve given birth. Somum will also accompany mothers during breastfeeding keeping them on top of the nutritional advice given to them by specialists.



Hydratation during breastfeeding

Breast milk is, according to experts, the best nourishment for babies and it is recommended to breastfeed, whenever possible, due to the short and long term benefits for both mother and baby.

During the breastfeeding period, hydration is one of the key elements, as the mother loses water in producing milk.
Breast milk contains 87% of water coming solely from the mother, hence the importance of increasing the level and frequency of hydration.

The amount of milk produced per day depends on the baby’s demand, but the average is 750ml per day six months after giving birth. Because of this, the intake of water during breastfeeding must be sufficient to compensate for the loss through breastfeeding.

A way to help keep you hydrated is the Somum smart bracelet; it will ensure that your levels of hydration are perfect without letting you forget to drink, thus avoiding any type of risk.



Beverages not recommended during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is always recommended that you drink more liquids to compensate the increase of blood volume, but not all beverages available are suitable for gestation.

Alcoholic beverages

When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, this reaches the baby through the blood.

The consumption of alcohol during gestation can lead to miscarriages or problems for the baby such as: lower than average height, low weight, poor coordination, delayed speech, impaired hearing or heart deficiencies, among other things.

Unpasteurized milk

Milk and dairy products provide plenty of nutritional benefits, but unpasteurized milk can also have dangerous micro-organisms that may pose great risks to the health of the future mother and her baby.

This is known as listeriosis and can cause serious illnesses in the foetus and even result in death.

Unpasteurized fruit juices or those sold as “freshly squeezed”

As with milk, unpasteurized fruit juices can contain harmful bacteria from the raw fruits and vegetables that are squeezed to make the juice. These bacteria can cause food borne illnesses (such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis) which can be specially dangerous during pregnancy.

Pasteurization kills these bacteria through elevated temperatures.


Beverages containing caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic. Stimulants increase blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, which are not recommended during pregnancy.

It also increases frequency in urination. This causes a reduction in the body fluid levels and can lead to dehydration. A baby’s metabolism is not prepared for caffeine and thus does not metabolize it.

It is important to be careful because caffeine is not only found in coffee, but also in tea, soft drinks, chocolate and even some headache medications.

Without a doubt, the most recommended beverage to take during pregnancy and gestation is water, both for hydrating as well as detoxing your body.

Solán de Cabras natural mineral water is the ideal companion for women undergoing the most important stages of their lives, thanks to its weak mineralization. Its balance is what awards it its unique properties.