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A large and welcoming environment, chock-full of special details and eco touches make up the vision of La Barra Barna, a fashionable restaurant where cuisine and atmosphere invite shareable moments. Founded by two Catalonian entrepreneurs with ample experience in the restaurant business, under the premise of offering high-quality market food with carefully selected produce and a good quality-price ratio; that’s La Barra San Cugat.

The success of the idea led its creators, in 2014, to export their restaurant to Barcelona. Their cuisine is based on the use of high quality produce and their proposals are always prepared on-the-spot. From La Barra, they propose unpretentious cooking, with a Catalonian-Mediterranean base. Their menu, which has over 100 options, also includes dishes with Basque, Italian or Japanese influences…like delicious ceviches or original tatakis.
Furthermore, among their dishes, you can find many healthy options, like their peculiar version of gazpacho: the greenpacho, a cold spinach soup.
Its interior design is also a fusion of styles, creating a unique and special space: with various levels, ample tables and a bar as the main focus, we find decorative elements such as wicker lamps, industrial chairs, upholstered armchairs, natural flowers and even an urban vegetable patch.
The open kitchen and bluish lighting compose a vision of straight lines and a modern atmosphere.
Furthermore, La Barra has its Espacio Amigo (Friendly Space); a space-lending  area for friendly brands to show their products for free, hence, it won’t be unusual if you happen to see a car, a bicycle or the latest fashion accessory at La Barra on your next visit.


Text Paula C.
Photography from La Barra

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