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Flying when pregnant

Travelling during pregnancy can be a great opportunity to discover places and take in experiences before the baby changes your routine. This is what you need to know in order to enjoy a safe and comfortable flight.

Travelling during the first trimester is possible, although nausea and fatigue can often make it quite uncomfortable. Furthermore if you have an at-risk pregnancy, you must be even more careful and should consult your gynaecologist about the possibility, or impossibility, of flying.

Women with multiple pregnancies are also at a greater risk of premature and c-section birthing, so it is not recommended that they travel after week 20. As with at-risk pregnancies, you should consult your doctor.

When at the airport, don’t hesitate to ask for a wheelchair to help you get around; large distances when pregnant may seem interminable.

Hydrate continuously

When flying, the movement may make you feel nauseous. Staying hydrated alleviates these symptoms, so it is vital that you have your bottle of water with you at all times.

Dehydration can be cause for a premature birth so drinking water specially recommended for pregnant women, such as Solán de Cabras, is extremely important.

Move frequently

With all the water you need to drink, you’ll also need to visit the bathroom frequently. Move about for a few minutes every hour, this will help prevent urinary tract infections and improve circulation.

Carry fruit, nuts or energy bars around with you to appease any nausea. Airline food doesn’t tend to be very healthy and it’s much better to take your own.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes with elastic fabric and comfortable shoes as feet tend to swell up with altitude variations.

First aid kit

Don’t forget a travel first aid kit, it always comes in handy and you never know when you might need it.

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