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Hydratation during breastfeeding

Breast milk is, according to experts, the best nourishment for babies and it is recommended to breastfeed, whenever possible, due to the short and long term benefits for both mother and baby.

During the breastfeeding period, hydration is one of the key elements, as the mother loses water in producing milk.
Breast milk contains 87% of water coming solely from the mother, hence the importance of increasing the level and frequency of hydration.

The amount of milk produced per day depends on the baby’s demand, but the average is 750ml per day six months after giving birth. Because of this, the intake of water during breastfeeding must be sufficient to compensate for the loss through breastfeeding.

A way to help keep you hydrated is the Somum smart bracelet; it will ensure that your levels of hydration are perfect without letting you forget to drink, thus avoiding any type of risk.

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