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Practice yoga with your baby

Today, we’d like to propose a great idea for getting your figure back after pregnancy, staying in shape and at the same time, spending some quality time with your baby. If, after having your little one, you’ve stopped exercising due to a lack of time, what do you think about attending a yoga class with your baby?

Practicing yoga is a beneficial activity for both mothers and babies, promoting the relaxation and physical well-being of both, but also strengthening the emotional bond between mother and baby.

If your baby is already two months old, it is the perfect moment for you both to start. You will practice poses and breathing simultaneously, strengthen your muscles as well as your baby’s and your baby will perceive your relaxation which will in turn, help him/her relax.

Furthermore, yoga favors babies’ psychomotor development and coordination and helps to tone their little muscles.

It is important that during your yoga practice, you continuously hydrate yourselves with your Solán de Cabras bottle so as not to become dehydrated and ensure a smooth session.

Don’t hesitate and start your practice now…it’s a discipline that promotes the mother-baby bond, allows you to exercise and feel more active without giving up time with your newborn, and it is a good way to start beneficial and fun family activities.

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