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Protection and hydration during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women try to take better care of themselves, lead a quieter life and dedicate more time to their well-being. A good pilates class, some exercise or an enjoyable stroll are small pleasures that cannot be missed. Yet, as you take better care of yourselves during this time, it is necessary to remember to stay hydrated.

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to relaxing music and dedicating a few minutes a day to one’s self? It’s time to unwind with a bottle of water by your side, with friends, at the gym or in childbirth classes. The important thing is to dedicate at least a few minutes to yourself a day.

Relaxation during pregnancy is essential. Leading a quiet life for these nine months helps have a more relaxing postnatal period. Those sleepless nights, constant rushing, loads of laundry and diaper changes are inevitable. So this is your time as a woman, to care for yourself and, of course, your hydration.

The Somum smart bracelet has been specially designed for pregnant women to control their care and needs. In short, your health. With it you can control your levels of hydration, calories consumed, and body weight and mass, among other essential values. The best thing about it is that it continues monitoring your levels even after you’ve given birth. Somum will also accompany mothers during breastfeeding keeping them on top of the nutritional advice given to them by specialists.

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