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The best of plans when you’re pregnant

It’s a fact that when you’re pregnant, you often have to put aside some of your favorite activities.

Yet there are always fun things to do that can help make your pregnancy more enjoyable.


Exercise helps reduce some of the more unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, such as back pain, constipation or swollen legs.

Furthermore, it improves your posture, muscle tone and stamina.

You can also walk, swim or ride a bike; these are all low-impact exercises that you can practice while pregnant. Remember to take your bottle of water with you at all times to stay properly hydrated.


A day at the spa

This is a highly recommendable activity, as long as you are careful about treatments that raise body temperature.

You can get a facial, for example, or a good massage which your body would surely appreciate.

You must simply avoid anything involving heat or chemical products.


Make a list of things you need such as comfortable shoes, maternity clothes or undergarments; also, so that you go out more often, buy just a couple of things from your list each month.

Photo shoot

Having some photos, whether taken by yourself or a professional, will make for beautiful memories of your pregnancy. You can take one picture a month so you can then have a photo-sequence of your entire gestation. It will be magical to share these with your baby once they grow and it will also help you stay active during the shoot, changing poses…it’ll be great!


Go on a picnic or an outing

A picnic or an outing through the countryside is a perfect activity to help you relax during your pregnancy. Pick a place that is easy to get to, take your family and have everyone bring something to eat and then share. If it’s summertime, you can plan an outing to a place that has air-conditioning, such as a museum or an art gallery…the point is to think of a great plan which will also get you moving a little.

Make new friends

You can take advantage of your free time to make new friends who are in the same situation so you can exchange opinions and advice. This is a plan pregnant women love!

Enroll in prenatal classes, mummyfit or yoga classes for pregnant women; it’s the perfect way to get to know other mums.

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