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With you during pregnancy

Solán de Cabras NATURAL MINERAL WATER is the ideal companion for women during the most important stages of their lives.


During this time, many changes are occurring in a woman’s organism which affect the urinary system and can cause crystalluria, lithiasis and nephritic colic. Furthermore, there is an increase in the proliferation of bacteria which could cause a urinary tract infection, the most frequent cause of preterm birth. In order to prevent these pathologies, experts recommend that pregnant women drink two liters of water per day.


Hydration is essential at this stage as, when breastfeeding, the amount and quality of the milk will depend greatly on the water consumed by the mother.

If, on the other hand, your baby is bottle-fed, Solán de Cabras will also be a faithful ally for parents because it is a low mineralization, pure, quality water, ideal for children. Furthermore, being a mineral water, it does not need to be boiled. (Ref. Consensus Document: “Pautas de Hidratación en la asistencia Sanitaria Integral” SSCN 2013).

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