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We currently spend a lot of time away from our homes, moving hastily from one place to another, are faced with a number of obligations and difficulties and are not capable of unwinding, which is why many of us suffer from stress. Therefore, if we want our pace of life to not affect our health, it is necessary to find alternatives that help us relax.
One of the best, no doubt, is yoga, a discipline that allows us to relax mind and body, providing balance. Many of its asanas (poses) influence the relaxation of our muscles and, in turn, the control of anxiety; practicing yoga is the ideal antidote for stress.
But yoga isn’t only useful for relaxing, it provides many more health benefits:  It allows us to acquire flexibility, improve our immune system, increase our ability to concentrate, helps us breather better and increases the quality of our sleep, among others. In addition, it’s adequate for everyone, with no age or physical fitness impediments, as the exercises adapt to the needs of each individual and there is a great variety of styles to choose from. So, what are we waiting for to, at least, give it a chance?
If you decide to benefit from the advantages yoga offers, don’t forget it’s very important to stay hydrated and there’s nothing better for that than enjoying Solán de Cabras.

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